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Krimi Spiel für zuhause


Krimi Spiel für zuhause - MAGNIFICUM Ermittlerspiele

MAGNIFICUM presents:
The Corporate Anniversary
Oliver Borgmann’s Last Celebration

Rated 5 out of 5
5 von 5 Sternen (basierend auf 2 Bewertungen)


1-6 players

2-4 hours

14 years & up

high level of focus required

„The Corporate Anniversary succeeds in completely drawing you into the case. You'll get caught up in the investigation and you'll experience a very interesting and intensive playtime. If you like playing detective and combining connections logically, you can't get past it."
„As entertaining and full of intrigues as a soap, combined with the tension of a 'Tatort'.“
"If you don't snap at the chance, you'll miss one of the best deductive games ever."
Stephan Albrecht
Study Advisor

What is a MAGNIFICUM investigation game?

As investigators your mission is to solve this realistic case. This case file includes documents, photographs and other types of evidence. Sort and analyze the indications. Screen the suspects and reconstruct their motives. Cross-examine every alibi. Uncover potential investigative errors. Do some research on the internet.

Every MAGNIFICUM investigation game is a multimedia board game to enjoy at home.

No need to read a complicated: just unpack the game, play the intro and you’re good to go!

Fun 100%
Analysing, combining, deducing 100%
Story 100%

Minimum requirement

Ideale investigation game conditions

  • make sure, you have enough room to view and sort the material and to keep an overview over it (large table, hang material on the wall or on the window)
  • plan enough time – the game can be played in a row or in stages, but please consider the playing time
  • take notes
  • share information with the team, speculate and discuss your assumptions
  • make sure everyone can view everything

What makes Escape Room games from MAGNIFICUM so special?

As fans of old classics, the authors of MAGNIFICUM transfer the motif of „closed circle mystery“ to modern locations and settings. The MAGNIFICUM team puts particular emphasis on developing gripping stories and tangible characters. This way, MAGNIFICUM creates intense, entertaining experiences that allow players to add some variety to their everyday life. The ivestigation games are developed with great attention to detail, with a meticulous eye for the quality of the material itself. All games are made in Germany.