The Corporate Anniversary – Oliver Borgmann’s Last Celebration


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Murder in the chocolate factory

100 years of Edelberger Schokolade. That’s 100 years of customer loyalty, ambition and tradition.
A perfect occasion to celebrate the anniversary as a private function. And it would have been the best anniversary in the company’s history, hadn’t it been for the insidious murder of the sales manager.
Who killed Oliver Borgmann?
It’s most likely that the murderer was among the guests. But who was cold-blooded enough to commit such a crime while colleagues were happily celebrating next door?

Take a look behind the scenes of a chocolate manufacturer located in Germany and untangle a web of intrigues, blackmail, nepotism and excess in Oliver Borgmann’s Last Celebration.


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14 years & up




Ages 14 and up


2-4 hours


– 30+ realistic documents and evidence
– 4 Websites
– video-surveillance footage of the crime night
– make movement logs of all suspects
– tested by real criminologists


Paper, free of plastic




34,6 x 24,8 x 1,5 cm

What is a MAGNIFICUM investigation game?

As investigators your mission is to solve this realistic case. This case file includes documents, photographs and other types of evidence. Sort and analyze the indications. Screen the suspects and reconstruct their motives. Cross-examine every alibi. Uncover potential investigative errors. Do some research on the internet.

Every MAGNIFICUM investigation game is a multimedia board game to enjoy at home.
No need to read a complicated: just unpack the game, play the intro and you’re good to go!


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